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Black Friday vs Shopping Innovation

The Forrest Four-Cast: November 25, 2016

  1. Data is the New Black: The Consumer ‘It’ Factor Meet Up. Led by Jon Levy (The Influencers) and Marissa Tarleton (RetailMeNot), this Meet Up brings together marketers and retailers who are using numbers to better understand a new generation of buyers: “Does weather affect the mood of shoppers? What kind of music in your stores makes people want to spend more? Do affluent shoppers look at deal-seeking differently than the rest of consumers?”
  2. Retail’s Future: Community = Commerce. According to the description: “Consumers are craving human connection and community. The future of retail must include interaction and involvement, without the use of a screen, to survive. Retailers and brands who can provide a live, personal, unique shopping experience will thrive. Community building, curation, story-telling, and one-on-one conversation is crucial for success. Creating a truly interactive, unique experience — one that truly resonates with customers — has never been so important.” Sonja Rasula, the founder and creative director of Unique Markets, leads this solo session.
  3. Social Shopping & Sacred Space. This panel discusses how retailers are increasingly turning to social platforms to reach target customers and engage with consumers in new and exciting ways. Speakers representing will eBay, Facebook, Reddit and Imgur will reveal “how advertisers and marketers authentically engage with customers on platforms with communities that have historically been considered too tough for brands to break into.”
  4. Why E-Commerce is Finally Ready for Big Spenders. In the last 15 years, the kinds of goods bought online have transitioned from books to clothes to mattresses to cars. This session uncovers why shoppers are now a lot more comfortable using a virtual storefront to purchase big ticket items. Speakers include Silicon Valley CEOs from Beepi and TheRealReal, plus consumer psychologist Kit Yarrow (who will give her insights on the new online macro-consumer).

Find many other shopping-related sessions (as well as panels and presentations that cover hundreds of other relevant topics), by browsing the SXSW 2017 online schedule.

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