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July 21: Speak Up Against Bathroom Bills!

The Forrest Four-Cast: July 20, 2017

This proposed legislation will also cost the Lone Star State state billions of dollars in lost tourist / tax revenue.

Please come to the Capitol Building on July 21 to be part of the public hearings before the Senate State Affairs Committee. As posted by the Austin Tech Alliance, testifying against the Bathroom Bills can be accomplished in three easy steps. You can register to speak beginning at 8:00 am outside room E1.036 (also attend the One Texas Resistance meeting in room E2.002 at 8:00 am). The sign-up process for public testimony ends at noon.

If you can’t be on-site at the Texas Capital on Friday morning, then please call or email your representative to speak out against these laws. Click here to find the appropriate contact information for your district.

Also be sure to watch the Senate State Affairs Committee hearings live online via the Texas Tribune.

Finally, check out these three resources to learn more about the many negative impacts of the Bathroom Bills:

  1. Keep Texas Open
  2. Texas Association of Business
  3. Texas Competes

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