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Regarding challenges faced by entrepreneurs of color and female founders, DivInc’s Preston James is adamant: “We must fix the systemic racial, gender and bias issues associated with the lack of access to financial capital.”

Preston James Discusses DivInc’s Mission for More Startup Diversity

The Forrest Files: Thursday, July 30, 2020

“It is systemic when you have just 1% of venture capital investment going to black and LatinX entrepreneurs and a woeful .06% going to black women founders.”

“We don’t mind doing the lifting, we just want the institutions/systems to stop adding more weight every time we make a little progress. That is called oppression. We want allies in removing these weights together and keeping it off.”

“Houston is officially our next city. Our current plan is to launch at the end of this year. We don’t want to just show up, we want to become part of the fabric of any startup community we serve. We become one with the community! That is the DivInc way!”

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