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SXSW on March 11: 18 Hidden Gems

The Forrest Four-Cast: March 10, 2019

Sanctuary: Documenting Faith-Based Social Movements
Documentary filmmakers from across the country covering the stories of undocumented immigrants who take Sanctuary, and the faith communities who have made places of worship available to them, will discuss the methods and challenges of filmmaking around their work.
9:30–10:30 am, The Line

Bridging Cultures: The Filming of the Wild Bunch
W.K. Stratton will read from his book The Wild Bunch: Sam Peckinpah, a Revolution in Hollywood, and the Making of a Legendary Film, as well as lead a Q&A about how the film came to be, its place in the history of the Western, how it dealt with violence in a revolutionary way, how it changed all American movies forever in terms of editing and use of slow-motion, and its profound influence on filmmakers such as Martin Scorsese, Kathryn Bigelow, and Quentin Tarantino.
9:30–10:30 am, Austin Convention Center

Don’t Mess With Texas: Cyber Attackers Beware!
Computer technologies have advanced at a rapid pace, rendering commonly used approaches to cybersecurity obsolete. Radical new technologies like quantum computing will bring equally radical challenges to cybersecurity. This makes protecting crucial systems a daunting task. Who will we rely on for the next wave of cybersecurity protections? We’ll talk with three entrepreneurs from Austin on this topic.
9:30–1030 am, Hilton Austin Downtown

States Innovate and Citizen Identities Go Digital
Through the lens of a case study about a digital driver’s license pilot commissioned by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) that involves three of the panelists, state govtech experts will discuss potential pitfalls, actionable tips and lessons learned along the road to effective collaboration for the betterment of states’ citizens.
9:30–10:30 am, Hilton Austin downtown

Adopting Online Courts in Utah’s Legal System
In 2018, Utah became the first state to build an online dispute resolution tool — a website that allows users to manage small claims cases online. This new technology changed the way Utah courts do business. And it was not easy. Leaders from this Utah initiative will discuss the challenges they faced, including technology, skeptics, and maintaining the rule of law.
11 am-noon, Hilton Austin Downtown

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How to Launch a Product During a Trade War
With tariffs and legislation increasingly becoming trade levers, the global supply chain is becoming increasingly difficult to manage. This talk from manufacturing innovator Dave Evans will break down how tech can help companies better navigate an uncertain global trade future. Like financial services, retail, travel and other industries before it, he will make the case for why manufacturing needs its tech moment now.
11 am-noon, Hilton Austin Downtown

Health “Techuity” in Cardiovascular Care
Although the number of deaths caused by cardiovascular disease and stroke has declined over the last decade there are considerable differences in mortality rates based on race, gender and zip code. Learn how community and tech innovators are approaching issues related to health equity with the use of tech — Health “Techuity” — closing the gap using data, scalable tech solutions and community health adoption strategies.
11 am-noon, JW Marriott

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The Redux Project: Remaking Movies on a Shoestring
Artist Richard DeDomenici launched The Redux Project as an attempt to disrupt cinema by making counterfeit sections of popular films. So far it’s taken him to London, Berlin, Bangkok, Sydney, Seoul, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and beyond. Filming in original locations with local amateur casts, and using whatever resources are to hand, his versions have often received better reviews than the originals. The panel will discuss The Redux Project and premiere scenes from Office Space remade during SXSW.
12:30–1:30 pm, Austin Convention Center

My Brother’s Keeper: Where Equity and Data Meet
In the ongoing discussion of race and equity, boys and young men of color continue to face a number of challenges. My Brother’s Keeper, an initiative launched by President Barack Obama in 2014, is one of the organizations addressing the opportunity gap to ensure that all young people can reach their full potential. By organizing and presenting local data in a way that supports policy and system change and increases accountability, we can consider data as a potential solution when it comes to racial disparities.
12:30–1:30 pm, The Line

Tikkun Olam: How Faith Informs Social Justice
The Hebrew phrase Tikkun Olam translates roughly to “world repair.” It is a concept defined by acts of kindness performed to perfect or repair the world and in modern times, it has become synonymous with the notion of social action and the pursuit of justice. Four dynamic speakers explore the impact of their faith (Judaism, Buddhist, Muslim, Christian) on their work for social justice and their fight for human rights.
12:30–1:30 pm, The Line

Inequity: The Unspoken Factor Fueling Cancer
Despite significant strides in cancer prevention, treatment and survivorship, there is still significant inequity according to race/ethnicity, geography and socioeconomic background. This session will bring together cancer survivors with leaders from the health, tech, pharma, philanthropy and non-profit sectors to discuss the inequity exacerbating cancer rates amongst marginalized communities.
12:30–1:30 pm, JW Marriott

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Cody Fern

Shattering the Hollywood Mold: Bold and Unapologetic
Cultural and technological shifts have upended the entertainment industry, creating space for new voices to be heard. One such voice — award winning Australian actor and filmmaker Cody Fern (American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace, American Horror Story, and House of Cards) — is breaking the mold in Hollywood. Hear him share his story with legendary entertainment journalist Jenny Cooney.
2–3 pm, The Lucille at the Line

ReFrame #GotStamped: Gender Parity Success Stories
Join ReFrame, a partnership between Sundance Institute and Women In Film, as we present ReFrame Stamp award-winning producers and directors who have achieved gender parity on their productions. Get behind-the-scenes stories of how filmmakers created compelling stories with more diverse and balanced cast and crews.
2–3 pm, Austin Convention Center

Effective Religious and Civic Leadership
The director of the Religious Freedom Center of the Freedom Forum Institute will discuss how effective religious and civic leadership in the United States requires a thorough understanding of the First Amendment principles that govern the relationship of religion and government, define protections for the free exercise of religion, and provide the civic framework for living among people of all religions and none. The Religious Freedom Center is committed to promoting dialogue and understanding among people of all religions and none.
3:30–4:30 pm, The Line

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SESTA/FOSTA: Forcing Internet Users to be Rated G?
Since the new federal law SESTA/FOSTA threatened internet providers with 10 years in prison, many platforms have turned off adult expression. The powerful forces behind this law want everyone to share their puritan values. This is the greatest threat to online freedom in the last 20 years. Learn how to stay informed and/or get involved from panelists including writer Dan Savage.
3:30–4:30 pm, Hilton Austin Downtown

The Community Health Worker of The Future
Community Health Workers are the front line of public health in cities and towns across the country. In this session, speakers will discuss how data projects, public/private partnerships and digital health tools have shaped the way that communities provide essential outreach, community education, informal counseling, social support and advocacy.
3:30–4:30 pm, JW Marriott

Flying IEDs: The Ground War Has Moved Up
Drones have turned the very concept of security on its head. In the battlefield, the U.S. no longer owns the air space below 2,000 feet. Weaponized commercial drones are a regular feature in conflicts. The air war did not move down; the ground war moved up. Our safety and privacy are threatened in our businesses and places we gather for sports and fun, too. Yet, solving this issue brings regulatory and technical challenges. This panel will explore ways to mitigate emerging drone threats.
3:30–4:30 pm, Fairmount

The Democracy Show? — Satire TV for Global Markets
After producing satirical TV programs in Kyrgyzstan and Macedonia, Pilot Media Initiatives launched “The Other News” in Nigeria. Within weeks it became the most watched show in its prime-time slot. Young fans came away more informed, more motivated, and more inspired to make positive change. Effective, popular and sustainable — learn about satire TV’s social impact and commercial viability in global markets, how the creators made it happen, why it’s going strong today, and where it’s going next.
5–6 pm, JW Marriott

Hugh Forrest serves as Chief Programming Officer at SXSW, the world’s most unique gathering of creative professionals. He also tries to write at least four paragraphs per day on Medium. These posts often cover tech-related trends; other times they focus on books, pop culture, sports and other current events.

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