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SXSW PanelPicker Tip #18: Future-Focused

The Forrest Four-Cast: July 13, 2018

The PanelPicker interface is now open and accepting speaking proposals for SXSW 2019 in Austin. Between now and the July 20 entry deadline, this space will explore 25 tips on how you can have the most success in this process.

Focusing on the future is today’s recommendation. SXSW is the place where innovators from across a variety of industries gather to learn about tomorrow’s top trends, as well as the individuals and the companies whose creative approaches will be powering the markets and conversations of tomorrow. So your speaking proposal will get the most traction with voters, with the Advisory Board and with SXSW staff if it covers what will (and will not be) hot in the next few years.

Don’t look back with your PanelPicker idea, but look forward!

And, definitely don’t make the mistake of repeating what has been covered in a previous year.

Speaking of content that has already been covered, click here to read a running list of all 25 PanelPicker tips. For info on what NOT to do when entering a speaking proposal in this interface, read this post from 2015 as well as this post from 2016.

Also, if you want to write out your PanelPicker offline before you enter it in the online interface, then download PDFs of the application form here.

Finally, remember that the registration process for SXSW 2019 opens on Wednesday, August 1. Buy your badge early to ensure the lowest rates and to have the most options on convenient downtown lodging.

Hugh Forrest serves as Chief Programming Officer at SXSW, the world’s most unique gathering of creative professionals. He also tries to write at least four paragraphs per day on Medium. These posts often cover tech-related trends; other times they focus on books, pop culture, sports and other current events.

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