Tea Uglow leads Google’s Creative Lab in Sydney where they work to enable artists, writers and performers to use digital tools to amplify or augment their artistic, theatrical or musical practice.

SXSW Moments: New Media Stories

The Forrest Four-Cast: May 14, 2019

As the “Game of Thrones” saga flies to its bloody, fiery, glorious end, it’s time to seek out new stories and new means of telling them. Technology is opening up whole new vistas for immersive storytelling, including VR and AR. It’s also reimagining and reinvigorating old forms, such as books and radio. Check out these panels from the SXSW 2019 Experiential Storytelling track.

How Books Are Fighting Back in the Digital Age
This panel of writers, publishers and future-thinkers, which includes Tea Uglow (pictured above), examines ways in which books are attempting to compete, re-imagine and revitalize storytelling in the digital age. As live-streaming, gaming, podcasts, and on-demand TV compete for our attention, what new kinds of reading experiences will take us back to the unique pleasures of the book? What part can new immersive technologies like VR, MR and AR play and how can books help shape our digital future?

Intel Studios features the world’s largest stage for volumetric video capture.

Immersive Storytelling: Breaking the Fourth Wall
Learn how to break down the next frontier in content creation. Creative pioneer Diego Prilusky, the head of Intel Studios, oversees technical direction, creative direction and day-to-day operations of the state-of-the-art immersive media studio in the Los Angeles area. He takes listeners through the mind-bending capabilities of new media formats that have quickly become a gold standard in immersive media and sports entertainment.

Back on Script
As podcasting grows, fiction podcasts are opening new ways for storytellers to reach audiences. Jenny Radelet Mast, Stitcher’s executive producer, leads entertainment pros off-script in a dynamic discussion on the resurgence of audio fiction, why scripted podcasts are advantageous to writers and what’s next for the genre. Benoni Tagoe (“Fruit,” Issa Rae Productions); Mimi O’Donnell (Gimlet Media); Chris Littler (“36 Questions”) bring their adventures in fiction writing to this panel.

Telling Urgent Stories with Interactive Maps
Maps are a powerful, but under-explored tool for storytelling and documentary. They can bring huge amounts of information together and help to make sense of it, but dealing with overwhelming amounts of data is also their biggest challenge. This session looks at a recent online documentary, “Migration Trail,” which followed a series of fictional migrants traveling to Europe in real time, over 10 days. Architect and digital documentary maker Alison Killing, who worked on “Migration Trail,” talks about the lessons learned about telling stories in interactive maps and data.

Blueprint: Finding Sonic Voice With Social Sound
As storytelling tools evolve, sound persists as the most immersive yet intimate audience experience — and the new, golden age of audio is all about control. This session focuses on what is changing the shape of brand and enterprise storytelling: the power of social sound and pervasive tech for individuals to both produce and share at scale and consume in new and unexpected ways.

Defining Awe: The Science Behind Cirque du Soleil
In 1984, Cirque du Soleil reimagined the circus experience, mystifying, mesmerizing and beguiling millions of fans. Now, more than 30 years later, the visionaries at the largest theatrical company in the world are not just evoking awe, they’re measuring it. In this panel, neuroscientist and Lab of Misfits founder Dr. Beau Lotto explores the technological wizardry and inventive brain science used to understand this complex emotion.

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