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China is Trending in the 2017 PanelPicker

The Forrest Four-Cast: August 24, 2016

With the upcoming SXSW PanelPicker voting deadline, it is relevant to point out that there are 24 proposals in this year’s interface that refer to China in one form or another (for the 2016 event, that number was slightly smaller at 21). Some of the proposals on this topic that are most intriguing to me include “Chat is the New Browser, Bots Are the New Websites,” “Copying is Good,” “Five Megatrends That Will Shape the World in 2050,” “How does Geek Culture Change China?,” “Made in China: The Maker Movement Goes East,” “Rebirth of Bicycle Culture in China,” and “Who In the World is Doing What?

If technology in China isn’t what fascinates you, then use the PanelPicker search function to find what is. In my mind, some of the more interesting search terms (and the number of proposals that each produce) are as follows: autonomous (37), Bitcoin (6), boom (28), Brexit (13), bust (6), Canada (13), diversity (302), Mexico (11), Pokemon (34), robot (90), sex (23), unicorn (16) and work (1058).

Whatever your topic of choice, remember to finish your browsing, voting and commenting before the PanelPicker polls close at the end of the day on Friday, September 2.

UPDATE: The PanelPicker voting deadline has now been extended to 11:59 pm Central Time on Monday, September 5.

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