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Rediscovering Multiculturalism in China

The Forrest Four-Cast: August 30, 2016

While Beijing is such an amazing city, I won’t miss the ever-present air pollution — although, for this trip, weather conditions were largely favorable and the so-called “overcast” conditions were minimal. I also won’t miss a society where cigarettes remain an acceptable accessory in almost every situation. Think smoky casinos in Las Vegas — only worse.

What I will miss about this place is the people. Having more time to explore the growing innovation ecosystem in China would be great, but (even more so) I wish that I had a few more days to share food, share stories, share laughs and share life experiences with the many friends and connections that I have developed here over the last few years. In fact, the highlight of this particular trip was the wedding of my wife’s 25-year-old niece. Attending a traditional Beijing wedding with the added twist of a Muslim groom is something I won’t soon forget. I didn’t understand a single word of the 45-minute ceremony, but the new friends that I made at this festive gathering re-affirmed my belief that multiculturalism has a strong future.

I look forward to returning here soon.

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